High School Graduation in the Time of COVID-19

One of my co-workers had a daughter who is graduating this Spring. Due to COVID-19, her ceremony was canceled. My occupational therapy colleagues and I decided to throw a mini graduation party. We decorated her yard with signs, balloons, and alligators (while maintaining social distancing, of course), since she was accepted to the University of Florida. It doesn’t come close to a “real” graduation, but we wanted to do something special in these uncertain times.

Christmas (and New Years) – 2019

Pictures from last Christmas. We spent it at my grandmother’s house at N. Myrtle Beach.

A trip to Ripley’s Aquarium
50 trees, one for each state. Obviously, this was NC
Twiggy and Cricket, my aunt’s dogs.
My parent’s gift to my grandmother. A blanket of a picture of the beach.
Mark made latkes.
And a New Years Eve pic (taken in Raleigh).

D.C. and Philidelphia – November 2019

Last November Mark had a conference in D.C., so I tagged along. The conference ended just before Thanksgiving Break, so we decided to visit Philadelphia then go to New Jersey to see his grandmother before traveling back down to Virginia to spent Thanksgiving with his family.

Here’s some pictures from the D.C./Philly/NJ leg of the trip:

Washington D.C.:

The National Museum of the American Indian
Otter sighting!
One of my favorite bookstores
Dinner (Crab Cakes) and we checked out the bookstore afterwards.


Scrapple sandwich from Reading Terminal Market
Philly cheesesteak, also from the Terminal Market
National Museum of American Jewish History
Christmas Village

New Jersey, which was a quick stop to visit Mark’s grandmother and to take her to lunch at the Americana:

Random Moments in Time – 2019 Edition

A collection of different events that occurred last year…when we could still leave our homes and be around each other.

September 28th.

The Raleigh Bluegrass Festival, where we saw the Jewish Bluegrass band Nefesh Mountain.

Also seen at the Bluegrass Festival:

And, in things I’ll probably never do…

October, 26th. At the NC State Fair with my parents.

(My mother said she’s entering the cookie baking contest in 2020)


November 15th. An Evening with Margaret Atwood at NC State.

Found via Youtube search

Asheville – May 31st, 2019

Some pictures from out trip to Asheville last month.

On the drive up, we picked up dinner from Wild Wok, on of my favorite restaurants, and took dinner to my parents. We rolled it up with my mother’s homemade strawberry ice cream for desert.
Hotel room view
Hotel room view
Hotel room view
A quiet morning in downtown Asheville
One of my favorite bookstores
Stopped for dinner at Phoenix at Greensboro on the way home.


I decided to try my hand at gardening this year. I found these biodegradable bags from Amazon. You can plant vegetables in them with no need to transfer them to the ground. I was able to move the bags around the house till I found a spot that provided the best sun. If all goes well, next year I might graduate to actual  raised garden beds.

These pictures were taken in May 2019.

From left to right: cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes.
Cucumbers…and a foot.
Sweet Peppers. I bought a package of various colors, so we’ll see what comes up.
Tomatoes. I’ll need to buy a cage soon.

Passover 2019

Some pictures from Friday, April 19th and Saturday, April 20th.

An awkwardly angled picture of the Sunday table, mid-meal.


On Thursday, there was a party for the girls. No pictures were taken.

Those in attendance know why.


They enjoyed the balloons, though.


Ansley picked out some jewelry for me and Uncle Mark.


Uncle Mark reading.


Saturday night was the girl’s first Seder.


The kids.


Noah showing Uncle Cody his Nintendo Switch. He beat me at Mario Kart.


Uncle Mark and the girls.


Charlotte and Ainsley.