In Which I Attempt Baking (sort of)

I like to cook.

My repertoire is pretty limited.  I tend to stick to go for casseroles or crock pot dishes.  As I remarked to my boyfriend the other day, if I see a recipe on Pinterest with more than 5 ingredients I’ll scroll on without a second thought.  Still, I enjoy the act of preparing food for myself and others.  It may not be fancy, but hey, almost anything you make at home has to be better than MacDonald’s, right?

I might love to cook, but I’ve never been much of a baker.  I’ve tried a recipe here or there with varying amounts of success.  I don’t have a big sweet tooth.  When I’m looking for desert, a bowl of fruit or an iced decaf coffee drink with a little Splenda is usually enough to satisfy.  Plus, baking takes time and precision.  When you’re working from a baking recipe you can’t just dump everything in a dish, put it in the oven, and walk away.  Science is required!  This takes more brainpower than I’m willing to muster.

Maybe I should amend the first sentence of this blog to say: I like to cook…things that cook themselves.

However, as I’ve said before, I recently began working as a school OT.  It’s the last week before summer vacation, and celebration is in the air.  Field days, graduations, pizza parties, ice cream sundaes in speech therapy sessions- everywhere you look someone is bringing in food for some reason.  So I thought I’d join in too.  I decided to bake some treats to share with my coworkers.

I wanted to make two things, so I’d have a backup in case one dish turned out bad or I blew up the kitchen or something.  After searching “easy desert recipes” on Pinterest I found two I liked.  One was a Rainbow Frosting Fudge recipe that basically involved combining the title ingredient with white chocolate chips and refrigerating it.  No baking involved, hence the “(sort of)” in this blog’s title.  The second dish, however, involved some baking-but only a little.  It was a chocolate chip cheesecake bar recipe.  While it did involve some measuring and leveling and mixing, it was fairly simple.  I whipped up both dishes yesterday evening and brought them to work today.

My coworkers enjoyed them immensely.  One called them “scrumptious”, and three people asked for the recipe.  When I told them how the recipes were prepared, they couldn’t believe how simple they were.

Overall, I’d say my first foray into baking went well.  Maybe next time I’ll try something a little more complicated.  But only a little more complicated.  There is the whole “I like cooking things that cook themselves” issue after all.

If you want the recipes, they can be found here: Rainbow Chip Fudge Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookie Bars


Rainbow Fudge


Cheesecake Bars- before cutting



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