In Which I Attended a Deliciously Nerdy Wedding

I’ve been a little behind on my blog posts lately.  Turns out this summer was more eventful than I thought.  This wedding was actually held on June 25th in my hometown.  I was honored when two of my favorite people in the world asked me to be a groomsman as they tied the knot.

I really don’t know any non-nerdy people, and they’re wedding was deliciously nerdy…in the most literal way.

Behold: white chocolate Lego bricks!


In addition to the edible goodness, the wedding festivities also included a Man of Hornor speech with references to Game of Thrones (and, of course, that wedding), and Funko dolls for each member of the wedding party.  The bride and groom put a lot of thought into each doll, making sure they gave each person a character they would enjoy.  I was given Sam from Halloween, which is one of the few horror movies I can stand to watch.


Overall, the day was a great start to what will be a story-book marriage.



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