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November 4th, 2017


Autumn continues it’s slow arrival.

Our weekends always seems to fill up in November and December. Today, we had Mark’s parents, his brother, nephew, twin nieces, and family friends along with their daughter and two grandchildren over for lunch. For all of them except his parents, it was their first time seeing our home. For about three and a half hours, our house was as full as it’s ever been. Full of laughter, conversation, and the sound of children playing. I always forget to take pictures during these things, but here’s two I did manage to take:





Tomorrow, we’re seeing my parents for lunch in Greensboro at an Asian restaurant to celebrate mine and my mother’s birthday.

We were going to try to squeeze in a trip to the Renaissance Fair this weekend too, but this morning we had a change of heart and decided not to go. I love the Ren Fair. This will be the first year since 2009 that I would be going. It’s become a bit of a tradition for me. As sentimental as I am, having to bail on these things usually upsets me; however, I’m okay with skipping it this year. My life has gotten busy lately. Not just with work, but with all the new people in it that I’m trying to make time to see. When I think of driving to the Ren Fair-which is in Charlotte-it feels more like a chore, an obligation. I’d rather wait and go next year, when I can enjoy it.

Oh, we also took a trip to Durham today. Mark picked up the new iPhone from the Apple Store. I hung out in Barnes & Noble, bought Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradburry, and snapped this photo for the Black and White Facebook Challenge:



I was looking at someones black and white photos today and thought “gosh, I hope nobody tags me to do this”. The universe must have heard me…because an hour later Cody tagged me. Oh well.