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October 30th, 2017

Happy Halloween eve!

Yesterday I finished Phillip Pullman’s Book of Dust volume 1. As “equal” trilogies go, it’s exactly what you would want. By the way, “equal” is Pullman’s term for the trilogy, as it is not a prequel or sequel to the original His Dark Materials books. It feels like the original books without becoming the same story. It’s a slow build, and reads very much like the first half of a three part novel rather than a full story in it’s own right. I’m already ready for the next one.

Halloween will be our three year anniversary, so Mark and I went to Brasa to celebrate and ate way too much food. But a trip to Brasa is worth a little digestion discomfort.

The leaves outside the second bedroom/library window are starting to turn orange and brown. After a long, uncomfortable southern  summer that seemed to never end, autumn is starting to emerge. It’s 7:52, and already dark, or I would take a picture. I’ll try to remember to take one tomorrow.