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LGBTQ SciFi & Fantasy Reading List

I love science fiction and fantasy.  

I really love sci-fi and fantasy that features LGBTQ individuals. 

The following is a list of science fiction and fantasy titles that feature an LGBTQ main character or supporting character(s) who play a large role in the story. It was compiled through internet searches, my own reading, and from recommendations by the wonderful #2jennsbookclub members (look them up on Twitter if you’re interested in YA fiction).

The list is sorted into the genres science fiction and fantasy. Young adult novels are noted by “(YA)” after the title.

When the list is updated, the date will be listed below and new books will be highlighted in red for ease of identification.

I have not read every title on the list. Therefore, I relied on input from other bookworms and the internet to categorize the book into science fiction, fantasy, and young adult. If you see a mistake, let me know! You can find my contact info in the About section.

Lastly, If you know about a scifi/fantasy book with LGBTQ characters that is not listed, bring it to my attention, and I’ll add it!

Happy reading!

LAST UPDATED: January 1st, 2019

Science Fiction

Bear, Elizabeth-Carnival

Chambers, Becky-The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet 

Daniels, April-Dreadnaught (YA)

Lee, C. B.- Not Your Sidekick (YA)

Levithan, David-Every Day (YA)

Lo, Malinda-Adaptation (YA)

Lo, Malinda-Inheritance (YA)

Lu, Marie-Warcross (YA)

Miller, Sam J. – Blackfish City

Silvera, Adam-They Both Die at the End (YA)

Smith, Andrew-Grasshopper Jungle (YA)

Westerfield, Scott-Afterwards (YA)


Bardugo, Leigh-Six of Crow (YA)

Coulthurst Audrey-Of Fire and Stars (YA)

Lo, Malinda-Ash (YA)

Lo, Malinda-Huntress (YA)

Lu, Marie-Young Elite (YA)

Marsh, Sarah Glenn-Reign of the Fallen (YA)

McLemore, Anna-Marie-Wild Beauty (YA)

Older, Daniel José-Shadowshaper (YA)

Polk, C. L. – Witchmark

Rowell, Rainbow-Carry On (YA)

Schwab, V. E. – Shades of Magic Series

Stiefvater, Maggie-The Raven Cycle (YA)

Yang, JY – The Black Tides of Heaven


*Mitchell, Saundra-All Out (YA)

*This is an anthology of Historical LGBT stories; however, some of them feature fantasy elements.